About Complix.

Alphabodies are a transformative platform with the capacity to address a vast number of disease targets, many of which are currently “undruggable” by the main classes of existing therapeutics…

Complix is a biopharmaceutical company developing Alphabodies, a unique class of transformative protein therapeutics. The Company is currently focusing its internal research and development activities on oncology and autoimmune diseases.

Complix’ goal is to use its unique biotherapeutics platform to change the face of drug development. This will achieved by designing Alphabodies that can access a broad universe of well-known but currently undruggable targets. At present 80% of known disease targets, many of which are intracellular protein-protein interactions (PPIs), cannot be addressed by current drug formats, such as antibodies or small chemical drugs.

About Alphabodies™

Alphabodies have been inspired by nature but designed by man: the basic Alphabody structure was designed “in silico” by the scientific founders of Complix. Alphabodies represent a major breakthrough in drug development as they combine the attractive features of antibodies, including high target specificity and affinity, with the key benefits from small chemical drugs, such as high stability and their capacity to penetrate cell membranes.
These unique features enable Alphabodies to address a wide range of disease targets, both intracellular and extracellular, that are considered undruggable by conventional small chemicals or biologics.

Complix’s drug development activities are focused on Cell-penetrating Alphabodies (CPABs), to address intracellular targets, particularly PPIs, primarily in cancer and autoimmune disease. Complix has already generated extensive data showing that CPABs can effectively penetrate cancer cells, act with great specificity on the target proteins of interest, and provoke a significant biological effect.

The Alphabody™ platform 

Management team

Complix has an experienced management team with a track record of significant success within the biotech industry. The team is now focused on executing its ambitious business plan aimed at delivering value for all of Complix’ stakeholders.
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Life sciences investors

Complix is backed by a syndicate of high-profile life sciences investors and has raised a total of €26 million (approximately US$30 million) to date, including €12 million in a recent Series B financing round. The Series B financing round was co-led by new investors Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners (France) and Gimv (Belgium) and Biotech Fund Flanders (managed by Gimv).
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