Alphabody Platform

Alphabodies™ are single-chain proteins with a triple-stranded, alpha-helical coil structure. They have a molecular weight of between 8 and 14 kDa (10 to 15 times smaller than antibodies). As a result, Alphabodies are entirely novel and unique scaffolds, inspired by nature but developed in silico by Complix’ protein engineering experts.

Alphabodies are the result of Complix’ goal to create an optimal alpha-helical protein scaffold with unprecedented therapeutic potential.

In particular the ability of Alphabodies to interfere effectively with disease causing protein-protein interactions (PPIs) represents a major drug development opportunity.

This is because proteins in the body, including those involved in disease causing pathways, often use specifically folded domains (in particular alpha-helices), to interact with other proteins.

Alphabodies, which are mainly composed of alpha-helical structures, are the ideal drug scaffold for mimicking alpha-helical domains present on disease causing proteins, and thereby inhibiting their interactions with other proteins.

Complix is capitalizing on this unique capability by designing Alphabodies that selectively inhibit key PPIs that are central to many important disease processes in areas such as cancer and auto-immune disease.

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