The Alphabody Advantage.

Alphabodies combine the attractive features of antibodies with the benefits from small chemical drugs…

The potential of Alphabodies is increasingly being recognized because of the significant benefits they offer over current therapeutics, including:

  • High target specificity
  • Great stability in human serum and tissues
  • Efficient cell penetration
  • Non-immunogenicity
  • Cost-effective manufacturing

Alphabodies can also be developed for multiple formulations, thanks to their unprecedented stability and small size. Their size and stability also means that they have the potential to be delivered via non-injectable routes of administration.

Complix has developed an efficient discovery platform to generate high potency Alphabody leads rapidly. The discovery process combines rational in silico design with library screening. The use of rational design technology significantly enhances the speed and efficacy of the discovery process, allowing us to obtain high-affinity lead compounds within as little as three months.

The stable and rigid alpha-helical coil structure of Alphabodies means that they can be created with great precision and high probability of success using in silico design which is not possible with antibodies or other current biologics. The power of rational design also enables Complix to generate Alphabodies against targets that are difficult or impossible to isolate or purify in the laboratory. This is often the case with some complex membrane receptors or intracellular protein targets.

The Alphabody scaffold is an extremely versatile structure. The entire outer surface of the Alphabody can be varied, and almost “sculptured at will” by varying the amino acid sequence (>70% of the entire sequence). Thanks to this property an Alphabody can be armed with multiple functions, such as high-affinity target binding, cell penetration capability, and extended half-life.

Complix has been able to design Alphabodies that combine all these key properties into a small, single domain protein, providing a unique format for drug development.

Given its recent progress, Complix is increasingly confident that Alphabodies represent a transformative drug development platform, which incorporates the key properties required for the creation of truly innovative first-in-class drug products.

Complix has established a strong intellectual property position protecting the Alphabody™ platform and its emerging product portfolio through filing multiple broad patent applications. Alphabody-based therapeutics have a unique freedom-to-operate position and completely free from antibody-based patent claims.

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