Our Alphabody™ platform has the potential to transform
the drug development landscape

Alphabody™ therapeutics

Complix is developing Alphabodies™, a revolutionary class of biotherapeutics that can access a broad range of well-known but challenging disease targets. Alphabodies represent a major advance over current drug formats, namely small chemicals or biologics, as these classes can only access approximately 20% of all known disease targets.

Alphabodies can access a much larger target universe, including intracellular targets, because their unique scaffold structure allows them to combine the most attractive properties of antibodies and small chemical drugs. It is estimated that there are more than 1000 intracellular disease targets that remain unexplored.

Complix is focusing on the development of Cell Penetrating Alphabodies (CPABs), which are designed to address intracellular targets, particularly protein-protein interactions (PPIs). Intracellular PPIs represent an attractive class of targets because they are implicated in many important disease processes, but are considered largely undruggable by current drug formats.

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Alphabody™ platform

Alphabodies™ are a transformative platform with the capacity to address a vast number of disease targets, many of which are currently “undruggable” by the main classes of existing therapeutics.
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Therapeutic programs

Complix’s drug development is initially focused on cancer and autoimmune disease, therapeutic areas that represent a significant opportunity for new therapeutic interventions based on addressing intracellular targets.
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In parallel with its own development activities Complix is keen to work with partners to help deliver the significant potential of its Alphabody™ platform.
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