Complix is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of Alphabodies™, a novel class of biopharmaceuticals that offer significant advantages over existing protein based therapies.
Alphabodies™ bind with high affinity to a wide range of disease targets and are particularly suited to address certain targets that are difficult to reach with antibodies or other types of protein scaffolds. Due to their unique stability and versatility Alphabodies™ can be delivered via alternative non-injectable routes of administration, unlike most therapeutic proteins.

The Alphabody™ drug development engine is based on the vision that an ideal therapeutic protein should contain a set of key properties that are not present, in a combined way, in monoclonal antibodies or in any other currently available therapeutic proteins. By integrating structural properties of certain naturally occurring human proteins with computer-aided design concepts, the scientific founders of Complix have developed a novel protein scaffold that harbors many of the desired characteristics of an optimal therapeutic molecule: the “Alphabody™”.

Complix´s current R&D focus is on the development of Alphabody™ based therapies for autoimmunity and infectious diseases. Complix is conducting its drug development programs in close collaboration with leading international research institutes possessing world-class expertise in these selected therapeutic areas.
Latest News
Complix to Present at BioCapital Europe 2014
Complix raises €12 million (US$15.5 million) in Series B round
Complix to Present at Upcoming BioEquity Europe 2013
Complix receives €1.9 million IWT grant to accelerate development of Alphabodies™ against intracellular disease targets, including cancer