Delivering the immense potential value of Cell Penetrating Alphabodies

Partnering objectives

Complix is engaging in partnerships with other biotech and pharma companies to leverage the significant potential of its Cell Penetrating Alphabody (CPAB) platform and to develop the therapeutics that will be central to the future treatment of cancer.

Collaboration with Merck & Co

Complix signed a strategic drug discovery collaboration agreement with Merck & Co., Inc. in December 2015 to develop CPABs for two intracellular cancer targets. In July 2017, based on the positive results obtained in the first target program, Merck elected to exercise its option for starting the second target program.

Under the terms of this agreement, Complix is applying its proprietary Alphabody platform to deliver CPABs against two important intracellular cancer targets. This research work is funded by Merck, which has an option to the exclusive worldwide rights for developing and commercializing the resulting product candidates.

Complix is entitled to receive an upfront payment and potential development milestones of up to $280 million, as well as tiered royalties.