Complix is developing a pipeline of multiple transformative therapeutics to treat viral diseases, oncology and autoimmunity. Many of these programs capitalize on Alphabodies ability to address the vast universe of intracellular targets.

Oncology programs

The company is progressing several pre-clinical programs, addressing exciting and previously undruggable target classes, like transcription factors and other regulatory proteins that play a key role in the growth and differentiation of cancer cells. Current targets are localized in the cytosolic space or in the nucleus of cancer cells.

Covid-19 program

Complix has an ongoing anti-Covid-19 drug discovery campaign that builds on its vast experience in the design of anti-viral compounds. By targeting the highly conserved alpha helical epitopes of viral fusion proteins Complix scientists aim to develop Alphabody therapeutics that can act as potent viral entry inhibitors, not only against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus causing the COVID-19 disease) but also against future coronavirus variants.