Complix to Present its Cell Penetrating Alphabody™ Platform Acting on Important Intracellular Targets at PEGS Europe 2017

Hasselt, October 31, 2017 – Complix, a biopharmaceutical company developing a pipeline of transformative Cell Penetrating Alphabody™ (CPABs) announces that its Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Yvonne McGrath, will be presenting its recent developments on CPABs against intracellular targets at the 9th Annual PEGS (Protein and Antibody Engineering Summit) Europe Meeting in Lisbon Portugal, November 13-17.

In her presentation Dr McGrath will give insight into Complix’ recent progress with respect to CAPBs acting on important intracellular cancer targets.

Details of the talk are as follows:

  • Title: “Alphabodies: A Novel Class of Biologicals Acting on Intracellular Targets”
  • Session: “Engineering Antibodies: Novel Antibodies and Antibody Subtypes as Therapeutics.”
  • Time: 09:35 CEST


About Complix

Complix is a biopharmaceutical company developing a pipeline of transformative Cell Penetrating Alphabodies™ (CPABs) based therapeutics against a number of cutting-edge and challenging intracellular targets playing an important role in oncology. These CPABs act with great precision and high affinity on targets that are considered “intractable” by current drug formats, such as antibodies or small chemicals.

Complix has an ongoing strategic collaboration with Merck & Co to develop novel CPAB based therapeutics against two selected intracellular cancer targets. Under the terms of this collaboration, which was recently expanded, Complix is eligible to receive up to $280 million in upfront and development and regulatory milestones as well as tiered mid-single digit royalties on global sales revenues.

Being a pioneer in this new field of “biologicals to intracellular disease targets” Complix aims to create a collection of novel first-in-class therapeutics that have the potential to cure severe diseases with high medical need.

Complix NV (Belgium) and its affiliate Complix SA (Luxembourg) have established a strong intellectual property position protecting the Alphabody™ platform and its emerging product portfolio through the filing of multiple broad patent applications. Since its foundation in 2008 Complix has raised more than €27 million through several rounds of venture financing.


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