Complix to Present Progress on its Pipeline of Cell Penetrating Alphabodies Acting on Intracellular Cancer Targets at BioEquity Europe 2018

Hasselt, May 9, 2018 – Complix, a biopharmaceutical company developing Cell Penetrating Alphabodies (CPABs) to target intracellular disease targets, announces that its Chief Executive Officer, Dr Mark Vaeck, will be presenting the Company´s progress at the 19th Annual BioEquity Europe Conference in Ghent Belgium, May 14-16.

In his presentation Dr Vaeck will give insight into Complix’ recent achievements in expanding its pipeline of CPABs acting on important but intractable cancer targets.

The presentation will take place on Wednesday May 16th at 10.40h CET.

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About Complix

Complix is a biopharmaceutical company developing a pipeline of transformative Cell Penetrating Alphabody (CPAB) based biotherapeutics active against intracellular targets that play a key role in life threatening diseases, including cancer.

These CPABs act with great precision and high affinity on targets that are considered intractable by current drug formats, such as antibodies or small chemicals. Complix is developing a growing pipeline of CPABs primarily focusing on intracellular oncogenic targets that play a key role in cancer development and progression. The Company is currently running multiple in-house CPAB programs based on selection from a diverse collection of undruggable targets, two of which are being developed in a $280 million research partnership with Merck & Co.

Complix believes that, thanks to their unique capacity to address a broad universe of intractable targets, CPABs represent an entirely novel class of therapeutics that have the potential to significantly improve treatment outcomes for cancer patients.

Complix NV (Belgium) and its affiliate Complix SA (Luxembourg) have established a strong intellectual property position protecting the Alphabody platform and its emerging product portfolio through the filing of multiple broad patent applications. Since its foundation in 2008 Complix has raised more than €27 million through several rounds of equity financing.


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